TopM Implementation

We accompany you through the entire implementation phase of your TopM software. You too can profit from our experience.

1. Conceptualisation

First we check and incorporate your processes and requirements with regards to the implementation. We then contribute our know-how into your business. During the training workshops with your key users we establish the necessary processes in your software together. These are captured in a detailed concept.


2. Data transfer

The TopM solutions have standard interfaces as well as the highest level of competencies in application and databank systems at their disposal. Even individual data transfer can be programmed.

3. Individual Customisation

The TopM Software will be individually customised for you. It is possible to adapt any forms, templates, evaluations and processes with just a few clicks. These customising tools are included in your license so that you as a TopM client can even carry out adjustments independently, if you wish.


4. Programming

TopM programs software functions on demand. These are integrated into the core of the program so that they are preserved when updates are carried out and they are considered when we do further software development.

5. Acceptance test

Before going live, we simulate your company processes with your date. This enables us to do a perfect TopM software launch.

BWTA2 Testlauf

6. Training

We will train your employees at our offices or at your premises. TopM will provide the network for the training as well as all the training materials. Training sessions include basic training as well as department-specific sessions.

7. Implementation

For the launch we will be present online as well as on-site at your premises. This is the best way to solve any potential problems and when necessary program and train additional specialised aspects.