TopM net7

Are you a manufacturing company? Then let your entire company processes be handled by the ERP software net7.

Unbeatable scope of functionality

The net7 software is a ERP solution with which your entire company processes can be covered by one integrated interface. The extensive functionality covers all departments from sales, purchasing, warehouse management, production, ressources, work scheduling, accounting, service and controlling to quality management and more. The flexible structure of net7 allows it to be implemented in a wide range of manufacturing industries and makes it suitable for all sizes of companies.

Orders and Invoices

Let the TopM net7 handle your complete transaction process. The software can convert quotations into contracts, packing slips, delivery notes and invoices in seconds. The software’s general order management and collective runs will optimise your manual workload.


net7 will inform you which items need to be purchased. The software will apply processes for minimal level calculations as well as variable calculations with regards to previous consumption and seasonal demand.


With net7 you can keep an eye on your whole production and can avoid stress through precise planning. The integrity of data in your capacity and material processes allows you to have a clear overview of your production planning.

Stock lists and work schedules

You can process all your stock lists and work schedules in net7. Stock lists can be kept over an unlimited amount of levels and can be transferred from the CAD System at the relevant interface.


Manage and plan your machines, tools and personnel capacities in the net7 software. All parameters such as maintenance intervals, Verwalten und planen Sie Ihre Maschinen, Werkzeuge und auch Personalkapazitäten in der net7 Software. Dabei werden sowohl Parameter wie Wartungsintervalle, Zählerstände etc. mitgeführt, als auch Schichtplanungen, Einsatzbereiche und Qualifikationen.

Capacity planning

net7 plans your capacities for you. The demand coming from the work processes of the production orders is consolidated with the available machine and personnel capacities. One can do a rough as well as a detailed planning.

Production data acquisition

At your terminals you can capture your data such as amounts, times, rejection rate, machine malfunctions and more in real time from the production process . Take advantage of being able to look at the current status of the production as well as the running productions costs at any time.

Machine connection

Connect your machine directly to the net7 software and benefit from direct transfer of data such as amounts, time, malfunctions and rejected products. The selection of signals can be done via datafox hardware.

Manufacturing cockpit

Your production orders can be processed paperlessly and are then sent automatically to the the manufacturing cockpit of the relevant machine. In the manufacturing cockpit you can also see which processes still have to be completed. You can choose the processes that you would like the machine to work on and the employees can see at any stage how many units still have to.


All your processes are optimised and electronically depicted in net7. You can request approvals and depict controls. The graphic workflow editor lets you configure the processes according to your needs.

Personnel and PCS (Payroll control system)

Capture the time recordings of your employees in the net7 software and manage your personnel data including shift plans, time accounts, target values, leave days, travel costs and more. The time capture can be done via terminals, PC’s or mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With net7 you are in control of all your business contacts. The client dashboard lets you see the complete client history, lets you start new campagnes, connect to mobile field representatives, keep records of times and content of client visits and much more.

Management Informationssystem (MIS)

Improve your decision making processes in the business by having all the relevant information and evaluations at hand at the touch of a button. The net7 MIS module offers not only extensive graphic and tabular analyses but is also capable of compiling evaluations independently on a database level.

Quality Management

The integrated functions such as incoming goods inspection, operational checks, measurement data, quality controls, supplier ratings and complaint management system will ensure that you have the highest measure of product quality.

Variant configurator

Do you produce variants? Then capture the technical codes of your products with the net7 variant configurator. You can save everything from the simplest variables and operations for the calculations of BOM and work processes to the most complicated structures.


You can plan and organise service jobs for repairs, maintenance and new installations with the integrated net7 service module. The mobile connection to service technicians enables service contracts to be electronically logged directly in the system.

Project administration

Bring together all the strands of the business in the project administration. You will have insight into all the project-relevant process information and can start processes directly from the project administration. Plan all the various steps and milestones of your project and take advantage of the integrated project controlling functions.

Pre- and post-calculations

Keep an eye on your costs with the integrated calculation functions. You can even base your pre-calculations on empirical values from other projects and solidify the values with post-calculations. The post-calculations will show, which values deviate with regards to material and time.

Audit safe document management

All archiving of documents is integrated in the net7 software. With the automated tagging function all documents can be retrieved within seconds. All accounting documents are archived in an audit safe manner, so that no original paper documents have to be kept.

Financial accounting

Take control over your finances with the certified TopM accounting software fibu7. The high level of automation and integration of online banking, tax consultancy and more reduces the administrative effort to a minimum.

Fixed asset accounting

TheTopM accounting software fibu7 includes a program that lets you depreciate assets according to the various depreciation terms.

Cost accounting

The cost accounting program lets you plan your costing and gives you the flexibility to adjust how you would like to apportion the costs to the various cost centres or cost units.

Finance planning

Plan your financial goals in the net7 yearly planner and check whether you are adhering to the goals. The liquidity planning delivers on-time financials which include the impact of all your cash flows.

Route planning

The planning of routes for deliveries and sales agents including master and transaction data is integrated into the net7 software.

Contract management

Various contracts such as service and maintenance contracts, rental contracts and more can be managed in net7 and will automatically generate the relevant invoice and to do lists. You can integrate this into your standard processes.

Email system

Take advantage of the integrated email client software where all incoming and outbound emails are centrally linked with the appropriate client and processes and can be viewed at any time.

Mobile access

You can access all your processes on the go from anywhere. You can not only view data from your smartphone or tablet but also process information. This means that your service technicians or sales agents can directly capture transactions on site in a combination of online and offline access.

Batch management

Individual product groups can be handled in batches and products can be clearly allocated to a certain batch. For efficient capturing and posting of these batches one can use mobile barcode scanners.

Serial number management

Capture the serial numbers directly when receiving goods and take advantage of the transparency of which devices are available in your store and at the customer’s site. Capture your service calls with a direct link to the serial number.

Device file

Transfer serial numbers of your equipment into the device file and you can always keep an eye on which services and maintenance procedures have been performed, which spare parts have been built in and what the current status of the BOM.

Fleet management

Manage your trucks’ capacities as well as your other company vehicles including maintenance and vehicle data. The graphical planning board will give you an overview of occupancy rate of all your vehicles.

Dunning notices

Your dunning run can be integrated into net7 with the various dunning stages, fees and other conditions. Various dunning blocks can be controlled centrally and you can decide whether you want to send out dunning notices per post or email.

Basic data protection ordinance

Play it safe and utilise the integrated data protection ordinance function to manage consent forms directly with your points of contact. You can print the appropriate forms when necessary and permanently delete data when required.


Frequently used functions and evaluations can be placed on the net7 dashboard specifically for each employee which allows them to navigate quickly to the relevant tasks.

Export of merchandise

Whether it is a delivery within the EU or a third country, you can manage the data and generate documents such as the movement certificate EUR. 1, a CMR note, long term declarations for suppliers, preferred calculation, supplier intrastat reports and more in the net7 software.


Organising your appointments is integrated into the net7 software. You benefit from having all the master data files and transaction data available when planning when scheduling meetings. You can also synchronise this calendar with outlook if required.

Drawing management

Ensure that you are always working according to the latest version of drawings. Manage your drawings centrally in the net7 DMS and control the administration of versions with data and release functions.

Control station

At the touch of a button you can see a summary of the requested data - this is what the net7 sales and production control station offers. You decide which information is relevant for you and should be included and to which depth it should be included in your reports.

Automotive industry

Do you deliver directly or indirectly to OEMs? Then run the required standards for the automotive industry in the net7 software with integrated functions such as 8D report, FMEA, credit note processing, VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry), initial sample inspection report, interfaces and more.

Electronic Data Interchange

Electronically link up with your business partners and automatically exchange processes per EDI. With the TopM VDA (German automotive industry association) module VDA data files can be exchanged without needing an external converter.

Access control

Ensure that only authorised people can access the relevant areas at the relevant time. You can control the access via the personnel module and link it with the access reader hardware from Datafox.


You can connect further software solutions such as delivery services. PIM systems, office software products, email systems, financial accounting solutions and telephone systems to the net7 software and can take advantage of automated data exchange.

Test a free demo version of net7 - download now!


Customised and yet updateable

Despite using a standard software your individuality and flexibility on the market preserves. You can adapt the software solution according to your processes and wishes with easy tools.

TopM ASP Technologie - remote arbeiten

Access your data from anywhere

You can work from anywhere per UMTS or you can connect your business via ASP-technology and benefit from the same software interface and speed as when you are in your office.

Map your processes digitally and optimize your production flow with net7 software!

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