Quality meets

We comply with the quality standards according to ISO 9001:2015 and EN 9100:2018. Despite these standards we also guarantee the highest possible flexibility with regards to programming and project management.

Certified according
to ISO 9001:2015
and EN 9100:2018

Quality through planning, processes, control and proximity to our clients is not a guarantee for success but a very important prerequisite and basis for excellent products. TopM lives by and identifies with the paragraphs of EN 9100 and ISO 9001.


Customer and
product audits

TopM conducts meetings with users as required. All users who have maintenance contracts are invited to the meeting for their specific industry. These meetings serve to introduce any changes that are being made in the new version of the software. They also provide an opportunity to exchange experiences and report problems in the daily use of the software. We will also take note for any modification requests for future versions.

Own test robots

With our internally developed test robots TopM can test the functionality of our complex programme diversity automatically every night. This enables us to discover programming errors and rectify the problems at an early stage.


Program design control

Agile Software development is implemented according to an established method where everything is double checked. The design as well as the reviews and tests are always checked by 2 people.

New versions of programmes are first made available to pilot customers and are then only rolled out to all clients afterwards.


All source codes, programme functions as well as client projects are documented. Herewith we can assure the highest level of transparency across all members of the development team.