TopM Company Philosophy

Our common values determine our daily business practices and assure success in our goal of having satisfied customers.


Taking the family business securely into the future

TopM as a family business is already securely positioned for the future: The second generation has already been integrated into the business and is prepared to successfully carry TopM forward in several years time.

Financial and technological independence

Independence is one of the most important criteria for success in today’s markets. TopM is unrestricted and independent in its decision-making process with regards to technological as well as financial criteria. We do not have to rely on any subcontractors or suppliers, nor are we dependent on banks, which means that we can make entrepreneurial and product decisions independently.


Successful and satisfied clients

Our constant proximity to our clients as well as our standard for quality is never a question of marketing or advertising promises. The objective of our work is our clients’ success as well as long term partnerships with the highest measure of client satisfaction and trust.

TopM is growing with every individual in our team

We rely on our team and promote the skills and potential of each individual through regular professional training and development. Furthermore we successfully train talented young individuals every year and thereby guarantee innovation and competent future generations.

ausgebildet und somit die Innovationskraft und die Kompetenz des Nachwuchses sichergestellt.


TopM was established in November 1991 – looking back, our company’s history is really impressive:

  • Excellent balance sheet
  • Continuous Growth
  • Market-leading software products
  • Constantly growing satisfied client base

Additionally, with 4 million Euros liquid equity capital, being independent from banks has become a matter of course for TopM. This puts our company in the fortunate position of being able to take decisions and measures that are necessary to fulfil the needs of our clients and  not having to consider demands of investors. We have a free scope where ideas can evolve and be implemented successfully. Many of TopM’s software developments are pioneering innovations on the market and prove that you have an innovative partner on your side.

We as the  „TopM-Team“ are proud of our achievements.

Uwe R. Iltgen
Owner and Managing Director

Herr Iltgen