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Are you a tyre wholesaler, retailer or an automotive workshop? Then let your company processes be handled by the merchandise management software r6.

Unbeatable scope of functionality

Unbeatable prices, best customer service, consistent stock control, optimal capacity utilisation, full interconnection with various platforms – with the r6 software all these goals can be accomplished. One integrated interface with extensive functionality covers everything from sales, purchasing, warehouse management, automobile division, workshop and more.

Management of items

r6 allows you to centrally manage all your items including all tyre and rim designs, attributes, properties, documentation, pictures and more and lets you take advantage of an extremely fast product search through its full-text search function in all data fields. You can import these articles from all the various parts catalogues. .

Orders and invoices

Let r6 handle your complete transaction process. The software can convert quotations into contracts, workshop orders, packing slips, delivery notes and invoices in seconds.

Cash register

Your cash register is fully integrated into the r6 software. You can take advantage of the full range of processes at the point of payment via touch screen. You can configure your services as corresponding touch buttons at the till and process the payment within seconds.

Storage of tyres

With r6 you can manage the storage of your customer’s tyres efficiently and have an increased level of stock transparency. The r6 storage location suggestion ensures optimal space-saving storage. You can offer better service to your clients by having all the information about the storage location, storage capacity, monitoring of tyre pressure, tyre tread depth and more available at the touch of a button.

Administration of automobile data

Offer your clients a better service by monitoring their automobile data. r6 can monitor deadlines for exhaust emission tests, general vehicle inspection as well as technical data about the motor vehicle and tyres.

Workshop Orders

Integrate your workshop into the r6 solution. You can manage orders in the software and even plan work schedules and processing times by capturing barcodes. Your clients can automatically be informed by SMS or Email about their appointments, the status of their vehicle and more.

Pit planning

Ensure optimal utilisation of your maintenance pits by having a maximum overview. Optimally coordinate all your appointments in the r6 timer function which integrates motor vehicle data, storage data, order information and more. This allows you to have complete transparency over workshop orders, appointments and utilisation rate.

Online Appointment planner

Save time and offer prompt appointment bookings to your clients. With the r6 appointment planner your clients can see all the available appointment slots at a glance and can directly book the preferred date with the relevant job data online.

Automated Sales Process

Process your sales automatically without any manual input. The contracts are automatically created in r6 when the orders are placed and all data such as address and SEPA mandate are created and updated. Further processes such as the printing of the delivery note, exporting of parcel labels, invoice generation and more can also be done automatically.

Automated Purchasing process

Process your orders without any manual input. The r6 software will automatically order with the most favourable supplier. You can apply various sets of rules for the choice of supplier and r6 will process all further workflow driven actions. Minimum stock levels, margins, neutral shipment and many other factors will be taken into account.

Automotive parts program

Platforms for automotive parts can be linked directly to the r6 solution which allows you to minimise administrative efforts. With the click of a button your shopping cart can be directly imported from diverse platforms and processed from there.

Parts catalogue

You can store various parts catalogues from your suppliers like Stahlgruber, TecDoc, Trost etc and integrate these seamlessly into the r6 software, both online and offline. With one click, you can even integrate parts that you require into the master data files of r6.

Sales platforms

You can use and integrate alternative sales platforms into the r6 software. The interface function will minimise the administrative effort and centralise the management of the articles and processes in r6.

Enquiry module

The r6 enquiry module offers a function where you can quickly assess the needs of the clients and quote the correct price. These enquiries can then also directly be processed as an order.

Branch management

The r6 branch management allows you to integrate any number of outlets in one setup. You can benefit from uniform master data files and overlapping functions such as stock enquiries, stock relocation, orders, branch comparisons, evaluations and more.

Task planner

Automate your day-to-day operations with flexibly configurable tasks. You can set tasks, time intervals and resulting workflows with easy parameterisation. Orders can be imported at regular intervals, for example every 60 seconds, and the relevant delivery documents will be created..

Best price generator

Offer unbeatable prices to your clients. The r6 best price generator calculates retails prices according to the current Tyre24 market purchase prices. You can set the generator to use various purchase prices such as cheapest, average, cheapest with specific amounts of stock etc.

Set Configurator

Offer more possibilities to your clients by compiling various sales sets with r6 and giving them alternative options. You can load master data files and calculated prices and do variable or individual price calculations. The set configurator also allows you to decide how the sets are presented to the client.


Calculate your prices consistently with the r6 solution. You can use flexible calculations schemes for the purchasing prices and retail prices for various price lists.

Price development indicator

The price development indicator gives you full transparency of possible savings in purchasing. The r6 software includes market prices from tyre platforms as well as general purchasing prices in the tyre industry. You can also evaluate these possible savings.


Integrate the leasing contracts of your clients in the r6 Software. Interfaces to diverse leasing companies can allow you to process leasing enquiries and exchange contract information.

Cargo Lists

Configurate your deliveries efficiently. The r6 picklist shows you the optimum sequence for upcoming deliveries and automatically sends these to the freight companies. The cargo lists also configure an appropriate loading sequence for your route planning.

Route planning

Th r6 software can do automated route planning. You define the route and select the clients and r6 will configure your delivery route plan. This route planning function can be used for deliveries as well as visits to clients.

Deliver Cost computation

Ensure that you are calculating the correct delivery costs for your clients. r6 will calculate the delivery costs according to various criteria such as order value, country, weight, number of packages, type of delivery, price category etc. The number of packages and volume restrictions can be determined automatically. .

Warehouse and logistics

Manage your sales warehouse efficiently and paperlessly and have an overview of your stock, storage location and stock value at all times. Barcodes allow you to capture postings and order pickings within seconds.


r6 will inform you at the appropriate time which items need to be purchased. With the integrated disposition function the r6 software will calculate the demand according to minimal level calculations as well as variable calculations with regards to seasonal demand.


The r6 software will take away the hassles during your inventory. The capturing of stock can be done in the traditional method via count lists or via mobile MDE devices or cell phones. Combine inventory procedures from annual inventory, early stocktakes, perpetual inventory.

Drop shipment

Capture your drop shipments for purchasing and sales in the r6 software. The relevant operation data will automatically be processed with the appropriate drop shipment, delivery address, price calculation, storage cost and other data. Stock levels of your suppliers are visible for all the articles.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With r6 you are in control of all your business contacts. You can see all the client information with storage data and automobile data as well as client history including correspondence such as emails and letters, appointments and other documents at a glance.

Onlineshop connection

Your products are automatically listed in your online shop which can directly receive orders via the r6 software. This gives you the advantage of continuously having up-to-date stock numbers in your online shop as well as in r6.


Your workflow processes can be optimised and mapped electronically with the r6 organisation module. Tasks can be flexibly created and distributed, be populated with information from archived documents and sent out electronically.


Improve your decision making capacity by having all the relevant evaluations of your business available at the touch of a button. Besides extensive graphic and tabular standard analyses, the r6 controlling module offers a tool to establish your own evaluations on database level.

Electronic Data Interchange

With r6 you can electronically link up with your business partners and automatically exchange data. The flexible EDI configurator allows you to install the connection with minimal effort. Availability of tyres and accessories can be retrieved in real time by suppliers as well as clients.


You can connect further software solutions such as delivery services, office software products, email systems, financial accounting solutions and telephone systems and more to the r6 software and can take advantage of automated data exchange. The data exchange can be programmed to be mono or bi-directional.

Audit safe document management

All archiving of documents is integrated in the r6 software. With the automated process tagging function all documents can be retrieved within seconds. All accounting documents are archived in an audit safe manner, so that no original paper documents have to be kept.

Financial accounting

Take control over your finances with the certified TopM accounting software fibu7. The high level of automation and integration of online banking, tax consultancy and more reduces the administrative effort to a minimum.

Fixed asset accounting

TheTopM accounting software fibu7 lets you depreciate assets according to the various depreciation terms and offers an integrated solution to manage your assets.

Cost accounting

The cost accounting program lets you plan your costing and gives you the flexibility to adjust how you would like to apportion the costs to the various cost centres or cost units.

Dunning notices

Your dunning run can be integrated into r6 with the various dunning stages, fees and other conditions. Various dunning blocks can be controlled centrally and you can decide whether you want to send out dunning notices per post or email.

Email system

Take advantage of the integrated email client software where all incoming and outbound emails are centrally linked with the appropriate client and processes and can be viewed at any time.

Mobile access

You can access all your processes on the go from anywhere. You can not only view data from your smartphone or tablet but also process information. Your technicians can capture stock movement, tyre storage, order information etc directly via their cell phone and make these available on the software system immediately.


Produce your own labels, whether you need them for tyre storage, storage location, shipping, prices etc. The layout and content can be designed with one-dimensional and QR codes. Capturing of barcodes can be done with various mobile devices.

Basic data protection ordinance

Play it safe and utilise the integrated data protection ordinance function to manage consent forms directly with your points of contact. You can print the appropriate forms when necessary and permanently delete data when required.


Frequently used functions and evaluations can be placed on the r6 dashboard specifically for each employee which allows them to navigate quickly to the relevant functions and tasks.

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The flexible process model is also a prerequisite for a phased introduction. The r6 software supports process chains, but they are not mandatory. Our users implement the modules one by one and thereby reduce conversion expenses and effort for their business.

r6 allows customisation of the solution in just about every manner to your specific company requirements. The software will adapt to the processes of your application areas. It is noteworthy that these customisations will even be retained when program updates take place.

Access your data from anywhere

You can work from anywhere per UMTS or you can connect your business via ASP-technology and benefit from the same software interface and speed as when you are in your office.

TopM ASP Technologie - remote arbeiten

With r6 you roll reliably through the next tire season and can still sit back and relax!

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