TopM elius6 Interfaces

Intelligent networks for professional business management. Connect with a large variety of external software!

Take advantage of valuable standard interfaces

The increasing globalisation poses an increasingly large challenge for businesses to interchange and process databases. You can link up with your business partners, webshops, external systems or similar through the TopM elius6 standard interfaces. No matter whether by EDI, XML, OLE DB, Web API, CSV or other programs. All interfaces can be configured individually. 


Connect your online shop such as Shopware, Magento, xt, Commerce, modified, OXID, osCommerce, Gambio etc. to the elius6 Software. Herby you can synchronise not only master data files such as articles, texts, inventory, pictures, prices, status and characteristics, but also transaction data such as order, invoices, delivery notes, package tracking and payments. Or you can implement the TopM partner portal for your B2B transactions and benefit from direct data access.


Sales platforms

Utilise alternative sales platforms such as Amazon and ebay and integrate these into the elius6 software. Through the interfaces you can keep the administrative effort to a minimum and centralise the article management and processing activities in elius6.

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Integrate your business partners into the elius6 software per EDI. You can hereby have a bi-directional interface for data from your article catalogue as well as for processes such as orderds, deliveries and invoices. The interfaces can be activated at the touch of a button and can be adapted to individual needs where necessary.


Shipping provider

Connect your shipping provider such as DHL, DPD, UPS, GLS, etc. via the elius6 standard interfaces. The interface will allow all shipping information to be sent to the provider automatically when you register a delivery and the tracking number can also be received in elius6.

External financial accounting systems

If you prefer using your current financial account system (e.g. Datev) rather than using our own fibu7 financial software, you can also integrate this through the interface. The master data files as well as all postings including outstanding receivables will be transferred and updated.


Other external systems

Optimise duplication and avoid incorrect entries by linking other external systems through the interface. These can be MS-Office products, Email systems, telephone application programming, telephone systems, scales, banking systems, warehouse management systems, GDPdU/IDEA, Instrastat etc. 


The interfaces allow you to create stronger links with your purchasing associations and exchange data automatically. This can be applied to master data files as well as transaction data and you can even directly connect the association’s online shop.