TopM elius6 Demoversion

Sie möchten die TopM Software elius6 live erleben? Dann testen Sie unsere Demoversion oder vereinbaren einen Präsentationstermin, vor Ort oder online!

Download the demo version

With the following links you can download the ASP client of the elius6 demo version and test the software online. The download “starter” and “B2C” do not have all of the functions accessible but the download for “B2B” includes all available modules. Some of the functions require a password and you can use “Demo” for the user name as well as password.

Demoversion elius6 “B2B”

Für Groß- und Einzelhandel aller Art (kompletter Funktionsumfang)

Demoversion elius6 “B2C”

Für den Einzelhandel ab 5 Arbeitsplätze mit Filialen (beschränkter Funktionsumfang)

Demoversion elius6 “Starter”

Für den Einzelhandel ab 1 Arbeitsplatz (beschränkter Funktionsumfang)

TopM elius6 Demoversion b2b-Portal

Demoversion elius6 B2B-Partnerportal

Beispiel für eine Webanbindung Ihrer Kunden an elius6

  • The TopM – ASP consists of the file „M64C.EXE“ (approx. 3.3 MByte).
  • After downloading the ASP-client, you can start it immediately. There are no further particulars or settings required.
  • The ASP-Client will create a connection to our applications-server. For this it will use the port 33333. Should you have problems with this transfer, please check that your firewall allows the use of this port.
  • After starting the client you will find yourself in the application within a few seconds.
  • You are now working with one of our prepared demo versions with some sample data. This program can be tested simultaneously by other interested parties. All data is reset overnight but your inputs can be seen by other parties during the whole day.
  • You can test the complete scope of functions, but some of the output functions are blocked. The demo date is set for the 14th of April 2014
  • The demo version gives you the current available version and is updated regularly.

Demo software on DVD

Would you prefer to install the demo version on your PC? No problem, just let us know and we will send you a DVD of the demo version by mail.

Online presentation

Let us present the elius6 software to you live! You can choose whether you would prefer a personal presentation on site or per TeamViewer and video call. We will show you the look and feel of the software using a demo company. Just contact us to make an appointment with no obligations.