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A big thank you to our customers who are always happy to recommend us to other clients and serve as references. You can contact our existing clients directly and enquire about the unbeatable range of functions and support service. On request we are happy to provide relevant contact details for references in your field of business.


Teufel Prototypen GmbH
DE-89278 Unterfahlheim

Prototype and series production in the field of plastics technology with injection molded parts
Customer since 2003
27 workstation licenses


A-Z GmbH
DE-93486 Runding-Langwitz

Series and special production in the field of mold making and mechanical engineering
Customer since 2005
100 workstations


Bressel und Lade GmbH
DE-27374 Visselhövede

Variant production in the field of agricultural implements
Customer since 2012
24 workstation licenses



Tetra Pak GmbH
DE-34549 Edertal

Special equipment construction of machines for packing ice cream cones
Customer since 2011
68 workstation licenses


Charlotte Baur GmbH
DE-87719 Mindelheim

Series production automotive supplier of molded foam parts
Customer since 2006
90 workplaces



Karlheinz Baier GmbH
DE-87459 Pfronten

Contract manufacturing of series and special components in the field of machining technology
Customer since 2012
26 workstation licenses


Wohlrab Aufdampftechnik GmbH
DE-90579 Langenzenn

Contract manufacturing in the field of coating technology for series parts and special solutions
Customer since 2006
100 workstation licenses


TC Hydraulik GmbH
DE-25746 Heide

Series and individual production of hydraulic parts incl. service and trade
Customer since 2013
72 workplaces


WIS Kunststoffe GmbH
DE-98597 Breitungen

Processing and trade of plastic parts incl. services
Customer since 2011
59 workstation licenses


Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbH
DE-48619 Heek

Special plant engineering of machines for handling and storage systems
Customer since 2012
30 workstation licenses


Hofmann Elektronik
DE-90571 Schwaig bei Nürnberg

Series production in the electronics industry as EMS service provider
Customer since 2009
20 workstations


All Organic Treasures GmbH
DE-87487 Wiggensbach

Serial production and trade of organic oils, fats and proteins.
Customer since 2014
20 workplace licenses