TopM san6 interfaces

Intelligent linking for professional business management. Network with health insurance companies and third-party systems.

Benefit from valuable standard interfaces

Progressive digitalization is increasingly presenting companies with the challenge of exchanging and processing a wide variety of data. Use the TopM san6 standard interfaces to network with health insurance companies, billing offices, eKV, business partners, webshop, third-party systems or similar. No matter if via EDI, XML, OLE DB, Web API, CSV etc.. All interfaces can be configured individually.

Cash registers - electronic data carrier exchange

Bill health insurance companies automatically from your san6 software in accordance with §302 and §300 electronic data medium exchange. All prescription data from the order module is transmitted to the health insurers as a collective invoice.


Billing interfaces

Automate your billing process with billing centers such as AS Bremen, AZH, Optica, ARZ Darmstadt etc. automatically from the san6 software. All prescription data is automatically transferred as a collective invoice from the order module.

eKV - electronic cost estimate

Transfer the cost estimates automatically to all cost units from your san6 software. In the order module, the corresponding accounting center such as egeko, MIP-eKV, egeko, ZHP, etc. is determined and the transaction data is transferred. The approval indicator is transmitted back from the billing centers and the transaction status is automatically set to approved. The approval letter is archived as an integrated PDF file.


Recipe entry

Capture your prescription data automatically in your san6 software by OCR scanning. All prescription contents such as date, co-payment, insured entity, physician entity, insurance entity, etc. are imported as a process and the prescription is also archived as an image file.

Ordering platforms

Integrate various ordering platforms such as Sani-Aktuell, Sangro, Wheel-IT, Comed Open Cofakt, Infox etc. bidirectionally into your san6 software. Orders with matrix number, recipient ID, article description, order number, EAN or PZN, unit, order quantity and commission are transferred automatically. The order status and incorrect order details are written back to the san6 software by your supplier. Article stocks from your suppliers can be viewed in the san6 software.


Sales platforms

Use alternative sales platforms such as Amazon and integrate them into the san6 software. Keep the administrative effort low through the interfaces and centralize your item management and transaction activities in san6.

Online store

Connect your online store like Oxid, Magento, Shopware etc. to the san6 software. Master data such as articles, texts, stocks, images, prices, status and features can be automatically synchronized as well as transaction data such as orders, invoices, delivery bills, package tracking and payments. Or use TopM’s own partner portal for the B2B area and benefit from direct data access.


Shipping service provider

Connect your shipping service providers such as DHL, DPD, UPS, GLS, Rhenus, trans-o-flex, Sangro, Optitool, etc. via the san6 standard interfaces. In the process, all shipping information for registering the shipment is automatically transferred and the shipment tracking number can be written back.

External financial accounting

If you do not want to use TopM’s own financial software fibu7, you can connect external financial solutions such as Datev via an interface. The master data and booking records are transferred as well as open items are written back.


EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Integrate your business partners into the san6 software via EDI. Data from article catalogs can be exchanged bidirectionally as well as transactions such as orders, deliveries and invoices. The interfaces can be activated at the push of a button and customized as needed.

Other third-party systems

Optimize multiple and incorrect entries by integrating third-party systems via interface. These can be MS-Office products, e-mail systems, TAPI telephone systems, GDPdU/IDEA banking systems, etc.



Network even more closely with your associations and, for example, exchange item information with inventories, catalog files, etc. Or integrate your san6 software into the association webshop. Both master data and transaction data can be exchanged.