TopM r6 interfaces

Intelligent linking for professional business management. Network with third-party systems.

Benefit from valuable standard interfaces

Ongoing digitization is increasingly presenting companies with the challenge of exchanging and processing a wide variety of data. Use the TopM r6 standard interfaces to connect with your business partners, webshop, third-party systems or similar. Whether via EDI, CSV, XML, SOAP, Web API, REST, OLE DB etc., all interfaces can be configured individually.


Sales platforms

Use alternative sales platforms such as Tyre24, Tyre100, Camondo, Kaguma, Delticom, GettyGo, RFH Reifenbörse, 07zr, RSU, FRI, AfterBuy, Amazon, Ebay and many more and integrate them into the r6 software. Keep the administrative effort low through the interfaces and centralize your item management and transaction activities in r6. Data such as stock levels, prices, articles, orders, invoices, package numbers, transaction statuses are exchanged bidirectionally.

Online store

Connect your online store or rim configurator to the r6 software. Various platforms such as BMF, IDS, Bytemission, Sologics, Shopware, ODIX etc. are supported. Master data and transaction data such as articles with EAN or manufacturer article number, stocks, prices, orders, customer data, package numbers, processing status, invoices as PDF etc. can be exchanged bidirectionally. Or use TopM’s own store with integrated scheduler for your workshop appointments and benefit from direct data access.


EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Integrate your business partners into the r6 software via EDI. In doing so, processes such as inquiries, orders, invoices, etc. can be exchanged bidirectionally. The interfaces can be activated at the push of a button and customized as needed.

Shipping service provider

Connect your shipping service providers such as DPD, GLS, UPS, DHL, Iloxx, etc. via the r6 standard interfaces. All shipping information for registering the shipment is automatically transferred and the tracking number is written back.


External financial accounting

If you do not want to use TopM’s own financial software fibu7, then you can connect external fibu solutions such as Datev, Lexware, KHK, Diamant, Varial, Wago, DKS etc. via an interface. The master data and booking records are transferred as well as open items are written back.

Other third-party systems

Optimize multiple and incorrect entries by integrating third-party systems via interface. These can be Mircosoft Office products such as Excel and Outlook as well as other e-mail systems, TAPI telephone systems, scales, banking systems, GDPdU/IDEA, Intrastat, etc.